Monday, August 25, 2008

A day behind!

Ok, so I needed a break, it has been a long and busy week.

Yesterdays workout;
Snatch - heavy single Matt 95# Donna 35# both tired and working on technique before adding load.
Clean & jerk - heavy single Matt 135# Donna 55# I am still struggling to ensure my rear knee stays bent in the split jerk, not wanting to rip my achilles off I kept the weight manageable.
Back squat - heavy single Matt 275# this is a high bar squat going to full depth. I tried 295# but the legs were not up for it.
Ab work of choice 4 rounds 30 abmat situps, 30 flutter kicks YUK!

I taught the Saturday skills session on Olympic lifting fundamentals. Beth, Jason and Mona looked good doing the basics, next Saturday we will progress to the lifts themselves.

We checked out the Market Place's (Cafe and catering company, here in Sheffield) open house thanks to Jasons invite. Food was great. The Berkshire Bark chocolate is to die for so those in NZ and UK can expect to receive some in the near future :-)

Today (Sunday) is a rest day so we plan to do just that! Much like the girls do everyday! Except when Easter rolls around, then along with the puggy mugger there is the werepugrabbit to watchout for!

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