Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lift, Bike, Collapse.................

We started the day at CrossFit Red in Grand Junction, Colorado. Thanks to Patrick for letting us crash his place, pugs and all.

Today was a CrossFit Total, so we joined in as we have not tried a total since early in the new year. Anyway here are the numbers:

Back squat: 170#
Press: 80# Back to where it was before the shoulder injury :-)
Deadlift: 245# PR!
Total: 495# Last Time Jan 1st 460#

Back Squat: 335#
Press: 165#
Deadlift: 404# PR!
Total: 904# Last Time Jan 1st 805#

I guess we can say for certain that strength bias works!

Then we had to work out what to do with the girls while we rode. Turned out Patrick has a friend in Fruita who owns one of the bike shops there, Single Tracks. We headed there and Chris, the owner, recommended a local kennel, Soap Creek Kennels, for the girls. It worked out great, we dropped the girls, picked up a couple of rental bikes (GT Force) and headed for the 18 Road Trails in Fruita.

Donna and I both felt the effects of the heat and the altitude (about 1000 feet higher than what we are used to). That said we hit some great trails; Chutes and Ladders, Kessel Run, Front Edge and Zippety Doo Daa.

A local and some scenery

Donna rocks Kessel Run
Now we are sitting back enjoying a Fat Tire beer (sorry breaking with the paleo beer for tonight) and reminising about meeting here in Fruita 4 years ago!
For those in rainy Boston this is what blue sky looks like :-)
The girls would like a recliner and eating paleo on the road ditch the bun and cheese

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