Friday, June 26, 2009

Tripping around Memphis

We spent today in Memphis, getting to see some of the sights and enjoy not having to drive for little bit.
We headed to CrossFit Memphis this morning to check the place out and chat with Mike. He has a diverse mix of clients with power lifters, MMA fighters and Oly lifters all in the same space. It was good to learn about some different approaches and techniques. Watch for information on the program he is experimenting with currently, "Strength Balance", we hope to see it in the CrossFit Journal in a couple of months.

Mike, Donna and Matt
Then Ray took us out to see the Memphis sights. Gracelands, Elvis's favourite Krispy Kreme donut shop, the Missisippi River, herds of Buffalo.

Gracelands is back there somewhere I promise

Buffalo roaming wild (no not really)
Also a grain unloading system where the truck is tilted into the air on on hydraulically driven ramp.
Ok so it was the highlight of the tour for me at any rate.


Ruth said...

Hey I think the hydraulic lift is a pretty cool idea too! I couldn't care less about graceland!

Matt said...

Now come on Ruth, next you will be saying that MJ's death is not a tragedy and the media hype surrounding it is a major waste of air time :-)