Thursday, June 18, 2009

New York, New York

Donna had a busy day with day one of her Level 2 CrossFit Certification so I headed into New York City to see the sites. This involved a lot of walking but was worth the effort.

Times Square and St Pats Cathedral

Inside St Pats

Central Park

Horse drawn traffic jam!

Grand Central Station and Empire State Building
Reconstruction at Ground Zero
Tomorrow I join Donna at the L2, with me as test subject and her being assessed. Will let you know the results.


Anonymous said...

Wow NY looks awsome the way you show it! Good luck Donna, we are sure you will do well.

bears said...

damn Matt, you did all that in one day AND with all the ny traffic??!! I am impressed :)
D, you will rock it tomorrow.
Love you guys!

Matt said...

Great day yesterday. Took the train in from NJ and walked the whole time. Best way to really feel the city I think. I caught NY on a good day!