Saturday, June 27, 2009

No tumble weeds spotted yet, but there is always tomorrow........

Today was a 500 mile run from Memphis to Oklahoma City. 7 Hours in the car and there is not much to talk about, as the scenery is not remarkable at all. Donna broke out the CD's that Trish had made for her and played straw drums on the dash board for the last couple of hours though.

Matt and Ray
Big thanks to Ray for hosting us in Memphis, being our tour guide and chef. Huge thanks from me to Ray for finding Peggy's Mom to make me a home made Pecan Pie. It was the best ever :-) We look forward to seeing you in NZ soon.

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bears said...

haha! Sorry you had to put up with that!! Some of the songs I put on there are just so silly, I couldn't resist.
Definitely take a picture of the girls chasing a tumble weed :)