Sunday, June 28, 2009

O Lifting is a great way to start the day :-)

We had a great start to a long day. Jason at CrossFit Oklahoma City welcomed us to his place. Great set up, big space and the most versatile pull up station I have seen.

Today they had Olympic Lifting programmed, so Donna and I jumped in, going for Heavy Single Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

Matt: Snatch 70kg/154lbs C&J 85kg/187lbs

Donna: Snatch 63lbs C&J 103lbs a new PR!

Laura and I compare our shiny blue VS shoes - finally someone else brave enough to wear them.

Luke bangs out a 120kg/264lb Jerk

We both really enjoyed the session even though we did have to leave early to check out and hit the road.

So windy Gingers ears got blown back and they have lots of wind turbines

We headed out through Texas to Raton, New Mexico, another 500 mile 7 hour epic. I thought Oklahoma was flat and featureless, well Texas was even more so. It was nice to finally see some hills in New Mexico and even nicer that the temp is now 80F instead of 100+F.

Tomorrow is another long day, this time through scenic Colorado, we plan on making a few sight seeing stops along the way to Fruita.

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bears said...

Yay Donna!!! Sweet on your PR!!!