Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jeannies Beach Rocks!

We arrived a bit early at Jeannies Beach CrossFit so ended up heading down to the beach and walking the girls.

Me and the girls trying to break in early

Now we can say we have dipped our toes in the Atlantic Ocean, next time we see the sea it will be the Pacific Ocean in California.

Back to Jeannies place and this time we got in to work out. Thanks Jeannie, Jesse and crew for coaching us and cheering us on. The workout was 5 Rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts (Heavyish)
10 Ring Push Ups
15 Box Jumps
Matt: 8:04 205#/Elevated feet, Arm Cross Over/22"
Donna: 11:19 165#/ Standard Push Ups/20"

The ring push ups were nasty, look to see these in the new MaD CrossFit box in New Zealand. One of the great things about visiting new gyms is that we get to see and experience new things and learn from others so that when we finally open the doors we will have all sorts of tricks and tips to employ.

Jeannie has a pug as well, a big boy named "Tito" and one of her clients brought her pug puppy "Kip" so the gym was CrossFit and puggy heaven.

Pug friendly? You bet!

Jeannie and her gym are great, she welcomed us in and really worked us over. She is also about to move to a much bigger space so if you are ever in Virginia Beach be sure to look her up. Thanks to Lis at CrossFit Watertown for the recommendation.

After the workout we hit the road again, this time headed to Florence, South Carolina. Next stop on the whistle stop tour of CrossFit Gyms is Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow.

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