Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More box jumps?????????????

Today we had a great drive from South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia. The girls slept along the way.

Once we hit Hotlanta, we met up with Shana, she is another games qualifier so we will be cheering her on in Aromas as well.

She took us to CrossFit North Atlanta, where Tony and Travis welcomed us in and then hit us with their OWOD (Our WorkOut of the Day).
Box Jump 30"/24"
Push Press 115#/75#
Donna: 7:31 Tuck Jumps/65#
Matt: 7:04 Rx

Shana hit her own version subbing Push Press for Chest To Bar pull ups.

Ginger checks out Shana's box jump form

After that we headed (in rush hour Atlanta traffic grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) to The Corner Pub for dinner with Shana's crew. Good food, great conversation, thanks guys. Now we are back at the hotel and the girls are exhausted, they and we have had a big day. Temp today during the workout 94F/34C.

Ginger, Donna, Jonathan, Brooke, Kath, Shana, Matt, Kiwi

Jeannie has posted on her own blog about our visit to Jeannies Beach CrossFit, check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

You guys look so brown and so warm! We have just had our 10th frost in a row, unheard of in Rotorua. It is pretty but cooold.
Keep enjoying
Cheers Raval