Saturday, June 20, 2009

And now for something else................

The last few days have been an interesting mix.

The drive into and out of New York City was a drag, on the way in an accident slowed our progress to 3 miles in an hour. On the way back it was a lot of road works and a TomTom that wanted us to use roads that were closed, fun, fun.

Turns out my wander around NY City was around about 10 miles of walking.

We spent a couple of days this week at Guerrilla Fitness in Montclair NJ. Donna was attending the Level 2 Certification and I was there as a test subject for the testing phase. We didn't come away with the result we wanted but Donna still got praised as a solid coach just not exactly the personality fit they are looking for. Also the lack of consistent coaching practice had an effect on the final result. That said, at least now we have been there, done that and know that the Level 2 is not really worth it for us. Our money will be better spent on the specialty certifications, where we gain knowledge that can be passed on to our clients.

Donna teaches the push jerk

It was an interesting experience and our congratulations to those who gained the L2 certification.
We headed to breakfast this morning with Dallas and Melissa from CrossFit 603 as well as the assessors from the L2, Chuck, Todd and Boz. Good food, interesting conversation and a recommendation to go see the latest Terminator movie. Thanks guys.

Once we made it back to the Cape we headed to CrossFit Cape Cod to workout. Donna hit a wod from CrossFit East Sac, 75 Overhead Squats, she used 55# and got them done in 13:25.
I hit a workout I had posted on MaD CrossFit from the Hopper Deck. 150 Kettlebell Swings for time. I choose a 1.5 pood or 53# bell. This took 8:30 but I got interrupted midway so it should have been a bit quicker.
Thanks to the crew at CrossFit Cape Cod for letting us play :-)
Tomorrow we begin the cross country journey. First stop Allentown PA.


Anonymous said...

Yes, go see Terminator--shit story, but solid action and big explosions.

Melissa Byers said...

It was great to spend more time with you two this weekend. Hope to see you in California before the summer is out.


Matt said...

Hi Melissa, great to spend time with you guys as well. We will see if we can find an appropriate place for one of the 603 stickers in an affiliate on the way across the US.