Monday, June 15, 2009

Boston, more nutrition and multiple pugs......

Today started with a workout. I hit the Hopper Deck 8 of Spades, For Time 5-10-15:
225# Back Squat
Box Jump 31" (as high as you can manage)
Time: 5:25

Donna banged out a series of Front Squats and Presses, working on her goats.

Then we headed for breakfast at the Central Street Cafe. Very paleo with eggs, bacon and fruit. After that it was back to CrossFit Boston to say goodbye to folks before hitting the road to the Cape.

Big thanks to Neal at CrossFit Boston for all his help and hospitality!

To summarize the nutrition cert, here are the main topics covered.
Endocrinology - Insulin/glucagon: Fix your teeter-totter before it fixes you
Neolithic Foods
Paleolithic Nutrition
The Zone - what it is, what it does, how to do it. Basic Zone, Athlete Zone. Tweaks - Post workout recovery, muscle gain/fat loss.
Supplements - Fish Oil and more.
If you want to know anything specific, just ask, also check the FAQ's on Robb Wolf's site.

Once on the Cape, after a visit to Lululemon on the way, we headed to the canal with the girls and met 3 other pugs in the parking lot. A pair of 2 year olds (brother and sister) and one that had been found wandering around near the families home in Rhode Island. His name was "Tank" and they were still trying to find his owner. He was a big boy who enjoyed the ocean, but despite his size "Kiwi" was willing to try pushing him around as well. My dog is a bully, what can I say?

How many pugs in this picture?


PaigeM812 said...

aw so many puggies :)

oh hey look there's my cellphone!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

the pugs were so funny. sorry, I did not see your cellphone. It would be so outdated now anyway.

Anonymous said...


Robb is unsure about the peanuts. You are a nut. Day 3 of no gluten and I want to kill something...