Monday, January 12, 2009

Heavy Single Sunday!

Donna, James, EC and I all headed to the gym to make up for the PM Heavy Single day we missed yesterday.

Some great coaching, a lot of heavy shit getting lifted and two PR's made for a good time in the gym.
New Personal Records:
Matt - Snatch 160# (only 15# to get body weight)
James - Snatch 205# (nothin but a peanut!)

Then we headed out for a paleo brunch and a visit to the candy store :-). Finally we finished the day with a protein packed meat dinner at the Route 7 Grill.

Good times, good company.


Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

That's hot!

Donna said...

Not as hot as your tongue in his ear, but pretty freaking close! nice snatch james!

Greg Toon said...

Looks like you guys used Sat as just a warm-up. Awesome

bears said...

whoa!!! nice snatch by James!!!