Saturday, January 24, 2009

Row, row, row your boat........

or so the song goes. Too much snow and ice here for boat rowing so I made do with our Concept 2 rower.

Row 5k - Time 19:19
Avg watts: 225. Avg strokes per minute 27.

Breakdown per 1000m/time/watts/strokes per minute
Interesting to look at the breakdown; good start, weak in the middle, better at the end.

Donna and the crew are on their way to Toronto for the Level 1 certification over the weekend, looks like it will be a cold one so hopefully those Canadians have turned up the heat in the Moss Park Armoury.

On the home front, enough snow finally melted so that I could take down the Christmas lights, this included the penguin on top of the garage. Not sure how I will find the house in the dark now that the penguin is back in the attic :-)

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