Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday - Heavy Singles and some Gymnastic Skills

Today was a bit of a mix. This morning was a gymnastics skills session at BizFit. The focus today was handstands. Some nice efforts, with Jason showing a huge improvement in shoulder strength from last month. Thanks to James from CrossFit Boston for assisting with coaching and spotting. Next weeks skills session is Kettlebells so get ready to get your swing on.

Then it was off to Martins cafe for an amusing brunch of paleo and non paleo meals. Good times and good company, thanks guys.

Donna then headed to Simons Rock to instruct a strength class.

We met back at the gym to complete our heavy single day of our PM program. Neither of us was feeling that great after a busy week.

Snatch - Matt: 130# Donna: 60#
Clean & jerk - Matt: 185# Donna: 80#
Back squat - Matt: 295# Donna: 155#

Matt Back Squat
Nice artistic pic with a gymnastics ring as a surround
Glute-ham raises - 3 x 15
Ab work of choice - Skin the Cat 3 x 5


Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Now if I could just get you both into lifting shoes!!! They make a world of difference.

Donna said...

jen, we are all about getting lifting shoes. can you recommend a brand? darsh said rogue are the ones to get.

Melissa Byers said...

I really like my VS Athletics, but I have nothing to compare them to. And I wish I could come out for your KB skill session!

Donna said...

yes, kb skills and EC is at crossfit watertown. wish you could copy yourself and sneak off to both w/o scott knowing. Thanks, we will check out shoes.