Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A mixed bag sort of day

Donna and I headed to BCC and got requalified to perform CPR by the American Heart Assosiation. Donna then taught a spin class at the YMCA while I had a very non paleo bagel for lunch.

Then it was home to the girls and sort out our new MaD CrossFit logo. A big thanks to Trish for the initial sketches and Melissa for the detail work, the new font and everything else.
Donna taught class at BizFit. tonight, 1 x 7 Split Jerks. Good work by everyone, most people hit new PRs with Heather and Mona getting to that magic triple figure for the first time.

Heather hangs with the girls
Then Donna hit her PM workout and I banged out the WOD that I taught last night:
5 Rounds for time

5 x 275# Deadlift

10 x Burpee
Time: 5:48

Donna's PM workout-

Power snatch - 80% x 2 x 3 60#

Power clean & jerk - 80% x 1 + 2 x 3 75#
Jason bought in Cole the new puppy at his place. He met the girls and then hung out for the 1st part of the WOD. Thanks again Jason for timing, encouraging and taking some pics.
Donna introduces Cole to the girls.


Donna said...

For the record, Matt had '2' non paleo bagels one with bacon and egg, the other with sausage and egg. skinny fat!

Anonymous said...


from the pic - id still tinker with a touch wider stance in that snatch start, and lowering your rear by a couple inches.

logo is looking good! let me know when i can buy a tank.


Donna said...

ok ok, i'll watch my feet and my butt. my shoulders are so sore today, the pm workout will be interesting. new fav paleo meal to break a fast - avo, egg and bacon. yum!

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Good point. When I got my butt down I'm able to drive through my heels better which keeps my ass from coming up to fast.

Hey what's up with no pictures of me with the dogs...I love your freaky little dogs!

Donna said...

Sorry Jen, no pics of you with the dogs, just lots of witnesses. I posted a pic on my facebook, it was the only one with the dogs from the weekend. my bad. I went wider on my stance and lowered my ass, but not much saved me today. just burnt out. I will keep at it after a rest day. thanks ladies.