Sunday, January 11, 2009

Workout @ Watertown

Donna headed south to CrossFit Watertown with Mona and Leslie from BizFit to a nutrition lecture by Eva Claire from CrossFit Boston. Heather and Erin from MaD CrossFit also made the trek south for the lecture.

I taught a Kettlebell skills session at BizFit then picked up the girls and joined the migration to CrossFit Watertown for an after lecture WOD.

The workout was a mix of "Grace" 30 Clean and Jerks for time and "Karen" 150 Wallball shots for time. The way it worked was 10 rounds of 3 Clean and Jerks and 15 Wallball shots with a cut off time of 15 minutes.

Donna cranked it out in 11:50 with a 58# barbell and an 8# Wallball

Matt (MaD CF), Lis (CF Watertown) and EC (CF Boston)

Matt took just over 14 minutes with a 115# barbell and 20# Wallball.

EC (CF Boston), Lis, (CF Watertown), Matt (MaD CF), James (CF Boston), Jen (Potomac CF)

This workout is breathy to say the least. We had a great time as usual when we get to Watertown. Also as usual it snowed while we were there. Not sure what the connection is, but it seems the weather gods frown on us every time we go there.

Check Mad Crossfit for some video.


Greg Toon said...

Glad you guys could make it down to CF Watertown and bring the snow with you once again. As always, great WOD and good times.

Matt said...

Thanks Greg. Great workout as usual. Thanks for the hospitality.

Melissa said...

Good to see you guys...Donna, c'mon now...I KNOW you can clean and jerk and wall ball more weight than that!!! =)

Donna said...

Yes, Mel you caught me, I was taking it easy, but still had a blast.