Saturday, January 17, 2009

Power Snatches and Power Cleans

Today was a heavy day from Performance Menu. We both hit new Personal Records.

Power snatch - max attempt (only 1 attempt at record)
Matt 135# PR Donna 70# PR

Power clean - max attempt (only 1 attempt at record)
Matt 195# PR Donna: 100# PR
3 sets of:
A. Pull-ups - max reps
Matt: 7/8/7 Donna: 5/6/5
B. Knees to elbows - 15
Other than that we both tried to stay warm and inside. It is pretty outside but a little cool.
Just a reminder, if you know anyone who wants a nice 2 bedroom home in the Berkshires ours is for sale!


Anonymous said...

snatch start looks better to me d!

nice pr's MaD!

Donna said...

yeah, thanks, i really had to be mindful to take a wider stance. clean was a big surprise, if i had another chance I think I have time.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!! Love the site and the blog...can't wait for the
T-SHIRTS!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Watertown soon!
Sue Loz

Matt said...

Thanks Sue, we will be back down there as soon as we can. You should join us all on Facebook as well. T-Shirts are coming soon.