Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Level 1 Toronto, CA

I did a repeat of my CrossFit Level 1 Certification this weekend in Toronto, Canada. Jason and Trish joined me. We had a great time. Amazing coaches and the armory was a fantastic host. I am using it as a prep for my Level 2, Jason and Trish wanted to get a Level 1 under their belt. It was professional, slick and a blast. If you are in Toronto, eat at The KEG.


Donna said...

No, EC is not standing on a box.

Anonymous said...

hey! ;)

did you find lulu in eaton centre? youre hotel was pretty close to it. i never made it there myself... i always think ill have more time than i do.

great to hear you all enjoyed it. talk soon

Donna said...

No we thought about it, but didn't go. we have no money to spend....we went back to the keg for steak instead. yum.

L1 was great. you were all great coaches. thanks.