Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chalk is Sexy!

At least that's what Power Barn thinks and I have to agree ;-)

If you want more from yesterday here is the link to the Power Barn post:

Tonights WOD was Push Jerk 5 x 5. Great work from the two evening sessions at BizFit http://www.bizfittraining.com/ . Trish, Jason and Mona rocked the late session with 85#, 155# and 80# max sets.

I stayed after and warmed up with some back squats before push jerking out 95-115-135-155-160#.

Donna hit a rowing and situp WOD at home, making good use of our new C2 Rower :-)


Anonymous said...

trish, you are dead sexy....and so is chalk!

bears said...

Look at those muscles!

Matt said...

Yes Trish you look jack. Now no more comments about giraffes or old ladies :-)