Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday workout - Thanks to the Hopper deck

Today we wanted to try something different where we could work out together (against each other). So we selected a card from the Hopper Deck . The Hopper Deck is a deck of cards that contains 54 Workouts of the Day.

We sampled the 6 of diamonds. For Time:
50 Wall Ball Shots - Matt 20# ball 10' line - Donna 10# ball 8' line

40 Double Unders - Matt 160 Single Unders - Donna as Rx

30 Kettlebell Swings - Matt 2 Pood (32kg/70#) - Donna 1 Pood (16kg/35#)

20 Steps Waiters Walk - Matt 1 Pood (16kg/35#) Donna 14kg/31#

10 Box Jumps - Donna 20"- Matt 30"

Matt: 7:55 - Donna: 10:25

This was fast and furious, but we both loaded on the weight to make it a challenge rather than just a sprint to the finish. Two rounds at this weight would be brutal, three rounds at a lower weight would be a challenge. There are lots of ways to tackle it, that's what makes CrossFit so much fun :-).

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