Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Donna's WOD at Crossfit East Sacramento

Paige was introduced to Crossfit today. Warm up: 5 handstand push ups; 10 thrusters; 15burpees and 10 box jumps. I worked with Paige and modified everything for her. Then I broke the news, "ummm this is just the warm up". The workout was Annie, double unders and sit ups, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. Paige stuck with it and got it done. She is looking forward to the open house and free saturday workouts!

Thank you so much to Justin, Travis and Chris for opening your gym to me and making me feel at home. I wish you all the best and know your box will be a big success.

Justin and Travis spent Saturday with coach Burgner in Santa Cruz. Check out http://www.crossfiteastsac.com/ for video.
I did a workout after class: 15 Deadlifts, 12 Hang power cleans, 9 Front Squats and 6 Push Jerks. It was harder than I thought. I used 65# and my hang power cleans need work.

See you all soon. I am heading home tomorrow.


Jason O said...

Donna...though that workout was hard...you must have loved it! Come on...I want to do it again soon with 95#...my shoulders are happy again. You and Paige look really happy and I cannot wait to hear about it! Have a safe flight and chat with you soon.

Anonymous said...

yes, my traps feel like the size of EC's right now. 'its not a tumor'

i had a great trip. so good to see paigey again. i'll be home late tonight.