Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday Skills and WODs

Two trips to BizFit ( today. I taught the Saturday Skill Session this morning. It was Olympic Lifting concentrating on the Snatch. Nice technique improvements by everyone :-)

Then this afternoon, we headed back in and were joined by Trish and Jason. We did a warm up and then each of us tried something a bit different. Checkout the video below.

Thanks to Trish for the camera work.

Trish worked on her deadlift form after we were done and it is looking good. Just get some more rest Trish, recovery is a key component to making any improvement.

Donna found another event for us to attend. December 21st Beasts of the North East IIAlbany CrossFit check it out a good time with some other crossfitters.


bears said...

you guys rock!

Matt said...

Just a point to note on the snatch in the video, Donna was focusing on getting under the bar. Yes we know she went backwards, we are working on one thing at a time.