Sunday, November 2, 2008

Max Bench Press and Run/Squat WOD

Donna hit the Saturday Skills Session (SSS) at BizFit ( which was a 1 Rep Max Bench Press day. I have taught the Bench Press a couple of times now as a SSS but we have never pushed for a max day. Donna cranked out a fantastic effort with a 130# press. Trish hit 112# (got to love those fractional plates) Mona pressed a great 95# effort. Jason and Dan who were there last night managed 170# and 160# each, so they were still feeling the effects from the last workout. Mike managed 300# a great effort and a credit to crossfit training for someone that has not seriously benched for quite a while.
I hit a Run and Squat workout. Run 400m/50 Squats 4 rounds for time. Time: 11:24
400m Splits: 1:56, 1:22, 2:09, 1:31 I was running an 800m loop, I think I got the halfway point wrong.
Squat Splits: 1:06, 1:07, 1:06, 1:04

Ginger wants to remind you to dress warm for the coming winter weather

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