Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Session at Mad CrossFit

That's not an easter Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opening day at MaD CrossFit. Ruth stopped in and she, Dan, Kat and Esme' got to watch as Donna, Jason, Trish and I hit some Strength Bias and a workout of the day.

Trish and Matt warming up with a weighted L Sit
Donna and Trish get upsidedown
Shoulder Press 5 x 3

Trish: 65-75-80-85 x 1- 82 x 2
Donna: 75-70-75 x 1-70-72 PR
Jason: 100-110-120-130 PR
Matt: 115-125-135-145 PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then choose one of the protocols 12-9-6 or 15-12-9 or 12=>15 Reps

Donna: 50 x 15
Trish: 55 x 12-9-6
Matt: 100 x 15
Jason: 85 x 12-9-6
Metcon (20 minutes max)
Five rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters Substitute 400 meter run where C2 Rower not available
35 pound Dumbbell thruster, 15 reps
15 pull-ups

Donna: 18:44 - 12# Dumbells/Blue band
Jason: 19:50 - 25# Kettlebells/7 x Strict Pull Ups
Matt's Metcon - I decided to do this less any squats to save my pattella tendons
"Dating Sage" Five rounds for time of:
95-pound Snatch, 10 reps (subbed Hang Power Snatch)
15 Pull-ups
75-pound Thruster, 20 reps (subbed 95# Push Press)
Matt: 20:20
Ok so maybe I don't want to "Date Sage"
Then time for a Paleo Brunch...........and Dinner at Route 7 Grill

Ruth keeps Kiwi safe while Kat takes care of Ginger


Dan said...

Those are by far the coolest weighted l-sits I've ever seen.

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Yes, 18lbs per pug!

bears said...

haha! Those l-sits were not easy.

Nice to meet Dan, Kat, and Esme'!! Great to see Ruth too!
Just wish I could have stayed longer.

Too bad you can't see the steam that was coming off of Matt's back after his workout. It didn't show up in the picture but it was very cool!

Happy Easter! Stuff yourselves silly today.

Anonymous said...

Matt....Dump Truck looks a little too happy to be sitting in your lap..

You know who.


Matt said...

That is Ginger in my lap not Dumptruck!

PaigeM812 said...

aw linger on the weight sets it SO cute/funny! i miss her and kiwi

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

FYI, that press I did, looking down...big mistake. I pulled a muscle in my neck/back on the 15x55 protocol. def learned a lesson. pick a target and stick with it! eyes forward!