Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday in the Berkshires

Today was a rest day workout wise. So we found many ways to enjoy the day.

Dan bonding with the girls
We headed to Hancock Shaker Village to visit the baby animals.

Dan, Esme' and a newborn calf
Baby animals
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!!!!!!!
Top of the round stone barn
Donna and a baby Holstein
Then back home for lunch a walk with the dogs and a Skype call to Val and Ralph.

Oh and a bit of Peep jousting in the microwave to pass the time.


PaigeM812 said...

the piglets are NOT bacon they are pets! i want one :( matt & his brother look a lot alike i love your feet in the background of that one picture haha. Esme is so cute with the girls :)

Anonymous said...

And what sort of goop are 'Peeps' made from? Do you need reporting to the SPCA?
Ralph and Val
(Hi Paige from EnZed)

Matt and Donna said...

Piglets ARE baby Bacon! Peeps are not bacon, sadly they are sugar and marshmallow.

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Paige, I totally threw myself on the floor to get out of the pic, it's just how i landed. LOL