Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy day in the Berkshires............

I picked up my Brother Dan, his wife Kat and my niece Esme' from Logan airport in Boston last night. We made it back to the Berkshires by 12:30am, not a bad run down the Turnpike.
So after a short sleep, thanks to Esme', we headed out for some American shopping experiences. We started with grocery shopping at Big Y and then Guido's and finished at the Outlet Mall in Lee.

Then lunch at Jonathons Bistro before a pleasant walk with the dogs at Kennedy Park in Lenox.

Finally we hit the workout for today.

Front Squat 3 x 5

Donna: 95-110-115# PR
Jason: 185-200-210# PR
Matt: 185-200-210# PR

Back Squat 1 x 12-20

Donna: 140# x 12
Jason: 225# x 12
Matt: 225# x 12

Metcon (less than 10 min)

3 Rounds For Time (originally was 5 but we were feeling the effects of the day and night)
10 x Power Clean 135#
15 Push Ups

Matt: 2:54 as Rx
Jason: 3:46 95#
Donna: 3:28 55#
Cashing out with a windmill or two........
Kiwi feeling the effects of the long day as well

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear all packages arrived safely.
Have a great time together. Wish we were there. Sunny, bright but coolish days here.

Ralph and Val