Saturday, April 25, 2009

A bit of a catch up day..........and a new home :-)

Today was a better day. We have found a new home, no pictures at this stage because every other one I have posted on here we have lost. Anyway the house is in Richmond, MA. A bit to our north but closer to a few of the places where we spend a lot of time.

This place came via a friend of Donna's at school, our realtor still sucks!

Pic's will follow once we move next weekend.

Donna had school and I had some outdoor work in Pittsfield. Anyone else want some weatherboards replaced?

Then home to workout, as per the title it was a bit of a catch up day. Oh and look what came in the mail.

Donna hit the workout Celeste and I did yesterday.

Do as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes. Take a 1 minute rest. Complete 5 rounds.

3 Power Cleans 155 lbs
6 Push Ups
9 Knees-To-Elbows

Donna: 11 complete rounds + 12 Cleans, 24 Push Ups, 14 KTE. Clean weight 65#

Jason did the dealifts from Tuesday and the Met Con from today.

Deadlift 5-3-3-1-1-1 225-279-279-345-365-385#

Great job Jason, looked like you had more in the tank!

Then 1 x 20 295#

I hit the wod prescribed on MaD CrossFit.
Front Squat 3 x 5 118-211#PR

Back Squat 1 x20 185#

Metcon (aim for less than 10 min) 5 Rounds for time:
5 Squat Cleans 155/100 lbs
7 Burpees
9 Chest to Bar Pullups

Matt: 8:34 155# Power Cleans
Jason: 9:24 135# Power Cleans, Chin over bar Pull Ups


PaigeM812 said...

yay! Matt's not an immigrant anymore! :):)

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

well...he is still an immigrant, just legal now.