Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I finished the floor and moved the other weights out into the garage. So now it is good to go! Bring on the wods.

Tonight was front squats, then 1 x 15 back squat or deadlift and then "Nancy"

I stopped on the front squats at 225#, my patella tendons were felling it a little bit.

Jason: 200#
Trish: 110#
Donna: 115#

1 x 15

Donna: 115# Back squat
Matt: 225# Deadlift way too light
Jason: 225# Deadlift to light as well.

Nancy: 5 rounds for time,

Run 400m

15 x Overhead Squats 95#/65#

Donna: 45# 16:11
Jason: 70# dropped to 65# 19:44
Matt: 75# 14:27


Anonymous said...

The posted workouts look amazing--especially the strength training. The box looks great--so do you all.

And Jason--you are transformed! Miss you all!


Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Really fucking cool box! Whoot!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

@Beth, thanks, miss you too!

@Jen, come check it out! whoot whoot!