Sunday, March 29, 2009

Early morning at CFW

After an early start we got to CrossFit Watertown with time to spare, only to discover that I had left the key at home, oops, bugger! Thankfully Ben came to the rescue and we were able to proceed as planned.

Donna ran the 8am class for a great group from CFW, running, wallball shots and push ups were the order of the day.

The CFW crew hit the push ups!

Meanwhile Jason and I warmed up and started on our 5 x 3 presses.

Matt: 115-125-135-140-145 x 2
Jason: 105-115-120-125 x 2
Donna: 60-65-70 x 1

Then it was time to deadlift.

Jason and Donna face off.

Donna: 145# 1 x 15 PR
Jason: 295# 12-9-6
Matt: 295# 10-7-4

Then on to the 20 min max Met Con. Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

65 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
65 pound Hang clean, 8 reps
65 pound Push-press, 6 reps

Jason: 65# 11 rounds + 10 Deadlifts - some power cleans mixed in
Donna: 55# 11 rounds + 10 Deadlifts - some power cleans mixed in
Matt: 14 rounds + 7 Deadlifts as Rx

A boy and girl sweat angel
We finished off the day by leaving some New Zealand pumice for our fellow crossfitters to use on their calluses and doing some interior decorating.
Jason hydrates while Matt and The Hooded One from CFW hang the flag
Now we are on Cape Cod ready for a rest day tomorrow before facing the immigration interview on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, can you e-mail us a phone number for the 'Cape'. Keen to give you a call.

Ralph and Val