Saturday, March 7, 2009

Iron Man Madness

Today was another early start as we made the drive to Taupo at 5am to watch the start of IronMan New Zealand and cheer on Phil, Louise and Rache as they took part.

1300 athletes hit the water.

For those who have never seen an IronMan it is worth the effort. The event is a long distance triathlon 3.8km/2.4 mile Swim, 180km/112 mile Bike and 42km/26.2 mile Run (a marathon). The winner this year Cameron Brown of NZ completed in 8:18:04.

Before you ask neither Donna or I are keen to compete in this event, I have set my limit at Half IronMan where the distances are all, you guessed it, halved. The marathon at the end really doesn't sound like fun.

That said if you are considering an event like this CrossFit combined with CrossFit Endurance workouts is the best way to maximise the results from your workouts. Check it out! Ask us if you have any questions, we both attended a Crossfit Endurance certification last May.

After our brief stint as spectators we headed back to Rotorua, where Donna proceeded to try something new. Hairdressing.

Before - After

Results from IronMan NZ

Phil: SWIM 1:11:40 - BIKE 5:54:30 - RUN 5:19:13 - OVERALL 12:37:26

Louise: SWIM 1:33:37 - BIKE 6:53:42 - RUN 4:55:26 - OVERALL 13:36:54

Rache: SWIM 1:29:09 - BIKE 7:32:26 - RUN 5:43:53 - OVERALL 15:08:36

Congratulations to you all on finishing an epic day!

This is similar to Phil's Avanti Chrono
Check out the Kiwi and Flag on the top tube, great graphics!

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