Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bumpers baby!!!

Today MaD CrossFit started with a strength bias program based on the CrossFit Journal article. The wod was 3x5 back squats followed by a metcon workout and then some oly lifting drills.

The bumpers arrived this afternoon as James from CrossFit Boston and I were hitting our back squats. We had to break in the bumpers and the platforms, so we both hit a few cleans, jerks and snatches :-)

Then Donna,Trish and Jason finished their warm up and hit the back squats as well.
Matt 225-235-245
James (5x3) 225-235-245-255-265
Jason 245-255-265
Trish 100-105-110
Donna 115-125-135
Then the Met Con, for time: Run 50m, 25 Burpees, Run 50m, 20 Burpees, Run 50m, 15 Burpees, Run 50m, 10 Burpees, Run 50m, 5 Burpees.
Yeah Burpees!
Matt: 5:55
Jason: 7:06
Trish: 7:11
Then it was back to the platforms for some Burgener warm up drills. Great work tonight!

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