Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sunday in LA

It was a long trip home but we had a good time with J and Karen at lunch in Malibu. They took us to Moonshadows. This is right on the ocean with the dinning area open to the sun and smell of the sea. Food was good too.

Then we cruised the Pacific Coast Highway in the convertible before heading to Santa Monica. There we watched the beautiful people (or those that thought they were) on 3rd St Promenade.

Pimped out Trikes - one even had a boom box on the back!

Donna visited her first Lululemon store. Way too many things to choose from.

We got back to LAX in plenty of time to check in but sadly I lost a multitool going through security. I had forgotten it was even in my bag and it got through in NZ. Thankfully I have quite a few so I am not too heartbroken.

Now we are home and almost adjusted to the time change. Adjusting to the weather will take a little longer..........


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

glad it is not just me that has those moments. Now taken to totally emptying such bags prior to filling them.

Missing you both

Ralph (and Val)

Donna said...

Yeah, Matt got busted! Maybe the Army bag and explosives badge was a tip off!