Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back on schedule.........

Today started in Taupo with a beautiful sunrise and then breakfast with Phil, Louise and Rache.

Donna watching IronMan NZ competitors overtraining in lake Taupo.
After that we hit the road for Rotorua. We looked at Planet Bike for a rental for Donna but they only had Scott hardtails so we pushed on to Bike Vegas who decked Donna out with an Iron Horse 6.8 All Mountain bike, with the brakes already set up for her US style. It also sports pink Danger Boy levers and bar end caps, I think it was just meant to be.

Donna on A Trail.
Matt trying out the Iron Horse on a steep roll down.

Donna thinking of Trish and everyone else while out in the redwoods of Rotorua.

We hit the trails (A Trail, Tickler, Be Rude Not Too, Mad if You Don't, Piglet and Pig tracks, Soak Hole, Turkish Delight and finally the Exit Trail) Good times, great trail conditions.

Then it was home to grill and relax in the sun while the washing machine cleaned all our clothes.


bears said...

awww, looks like fun!!
Sick bike,D!! How did she ride?? She's got one thing going for her, she is super sexy! Yeah baby!

Donna said...

bike was awesome! we hit it off with the guy at 'bike vegas' and then he rolled that out. so sick dude!