Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Rest Day Mountain Biking

So for today's rest day we headed to Nepaug in Connecticut to ride our mountain bikes for the first time this year. For more info on Nepaug checkout

The trails are in good shape, just the occasional patch of snow and mud, lots of leaves and some small branches over the trail are the worst obstacle you have to deal with.

We had a good time out there with Ruth, Amy and Mark. Thanks for the company guys.

It all went well except for both of us having minor crashes, only a little blood and some bruising, I guess you have to expect that sort of thing this early in the season.

Now we are ready for another week of strength bias CrossFit workouts :-)


Anonymous said...

So, how much blood and bruising ? Sure you are ok?

Matt said...

Not much blood really but the bruises are developing well. We are both fine, a little sore but otherwise all good :-)