Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back on track

Last night Trish came by to check out all the pics from NZ and to workout.
We all hit the same wod as posted today on MaD CrossFit, this wod courtesy of CFSCC:
Calories on the Rower and “Relatively” heavy dumbbell thruster.
What is “Relatively”? It is relative to what you perceive as heavy, what your level is, and how you much you need to scale to stay realistic for the workout.

Matt: 3:58 42.5# DB (PP subbed for Thruster)
Donna: 5:17 22.5# DB
Trish: 4:52 22.5# DB

This wod is short sharp and nasty.

Donna and Trish warming up with Get Up Sit Ups
We all did a long warm up and worked on skills before hand.
Good to get back to a weighted wod after all the travelling. Now it is time for me to knuckle down to some hard work befroe the games qualifier in May.
Check out our friend Taz from CFNZ on CrossFit Endurance, she will be at the Australasian Qualifier next month.

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