Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stormy Day

Ok so we know Hurricane Hanna is on its way but that doesn't explain all the things that have gone wrong this trip.

We made it into Boston with just enough time to find the Boston Union Boat Club by 10am. No sign of anyone to certify us to row though.... An hour and many phone calls later we find that the cert has been cancelled. Time for plan B.

Off to Crossfit Boston to workout with James. Thanks to Neil for letting us use his facilities again. Also big thanks to both John and James for the coaching input.

Tall snatch + mid-hang power snatch - 1 + 2 x 4 sets Matt: 55# 3 sets 65# 1 set Donna: 25# 1 set 30# 3 sets
Overhead squat - heavy single Matt: 145#PR Donna: 70#
Chin-ups - 3 x max Matt: 14/13/12 Donna: Kipping coaching with James :-)

Once the workout was done it was time to head out into the hot and humid heart of Boston. I have not seen much of the city so we made like tourists and checked out Beacon St, Quincy Market and got to ride the T (subway). I also sampled a Boston Cream Pie, lots of sugar and white flour, but it tasted good!!!!!!!!
We also found the girls a new toy, a sock monkey.

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PaigeM812 said...

aww kiwi and her sock monkey i miss her :)
... poor ginner was neglected and didn't get a sock monkey!