Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Night is a great night for Wallball!!!!!!!!!

We were supposed to be on a rest day from our Catalyst program, but Lis at CrossFit Watertown invited us and the girls down to Connecticut to workout, eat burgers and drink beer. After a long week we couldn't say no. Also a picture of Kiwi was on her site on Friday, so we thought the star of the day should make a personal appearance.

Once again it poured with rain on the trip down - happens every time we go, wtf?
Once there we joined in on the 3 x7 Front Squat workout, Donna got to 125# and I managed 225#, both of us were really happy with those numbers.
Then it was time for Friday night fun. A team Wallball shot competition. In teams of two with a weighted medball between, you do as many wallball shots (start standing holding the ball to your chest, drop into a full squat then drive up and shoot the ball at a target on the wall, 8' for women, 10' for men) as you can in 15 minutes. The ball can't touch the ground. Donna and I had a 12# ball (hey it was all that was left after the regulars had snapped up the others) and managed 365 shots between us (that's 4380# in total).

All 3 main food groups: Beer, Fruit and Dunkin Donuts :-)

After that we felt we had earned our burgers and beer. Not Zone but it tasted good!!!!

The girls had a great time as usual, they got plenty of attention from the locals and will no doubt appear on the Watertown site again.

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