Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labour Day Holiday: Class, WOD, Ride, Pizza, Grill who could ask for more?

Today was my day to teach an early class. With 8 people there bright and early for an 8am class the gym was pretty full. Everyone dug deep for the 20 minute as many rounds as possible of 15 Pushups, 12 Ring Dips and 9 Push Press. Weights and modifications were varied but it was all hard work.
Dan, Lois and Holly pump out the reps.

Next it was time for our Catalyst work out of the day.
Back squat - 87% x 2 x 5 Matt: 260# Donna: 135#
Snatch deadlift - 118% x 2 x 3 M: 205# D: 125#
Push press - 85% x 3 x 5 M: 145# D: 85#
Pull-ups - 3 x 10 (add weight if needed) M: 10#
Weighted sit-ups (weight behind neck)-3x10 M: 10# D: 10#
Side bends - 3 x 10 heavy M: 70# DB D: 30# DB

Matt and James cranking out the weighted pull ups

James again!

Then it was time to enjoy the great weather.

We headed out to ride at Olivia's Overlook with Dave, Celeste and Ruth.

The trails were dry and fast. Great stuff.

After the ride it was off to Betty's in Lenox for an after ride pizza and beer :-) Now it is almost time to throw the Bison burgers on the grill for dinner and maybe another beer!

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Matt and Donna said...

the pain on dan's face tell the tale. great work from everyone!