Saturday, September 13, 2008

Name Change

In order to avoid any issues with using the crossfit name in our blog address we have changed it to Looking at Rogets Thesaurus synonyms for cross are:

acidulous, adverse, allogamous, athwart, baffling, bilious, captious, choleric, churlish, contentious, contrary, crabbed, crucial, cruciate, cruciform, crusty, cynical, decussate, fractious, fretful, ill-natured, inaffable, interchanged, intersecting, inverse, irascible, irascible acrimonious, irritable, morose, peevish, perverse, petulant, quadrivial, querulous, sullen, surly, touchy, transverse, unamiable, vixenish, waspish

We didn't really like any of those and thought of cross as in angry. We liked madmiffedfit or maybe madslightlyannoyedfit, but madpissedfit just seemed to flow of the tongue (maybe the Guiness Extra Stout helped). Big thanks to the crew at CrossFit Watertown for help in the final selection.

So here we are at madpissedfit!!

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