Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The details!

To answer all those questions, yes Donna and I got married Friday. We had a civil ceremony at the gazebo behind the Great Barrington Town Hall. Kiwi was my "Best Pug" and Ginger was Donna's "Pug of Honour". Trish and Jason were there to give moral support and to take the photos and video. They also joined us for lunch and champagne (donated by the staff) at Napa on Main Street.

Then it was on the road to Boston. The plan was to do the "Fight Gone Bad" fundraiser at CrossFit Boston. However the weather, the Red Sox game and the New Kids on the Block concert all conspired to make the trip to Boston a driving nightmare. We missed the event but arrived in time for the beer and pizza. Our new CrossFit T-shirts with "Just Married" on the back were a great conversation starter. I think James is still in shock! From there it was on to Cape Cod to tell Donna's parents and to leave the girls for the weekend.

Then back on the road to Boston early (6:30am) on Saturday morning to get to CrossFit by 8am for the start of the Crossfit Barbell Certification. The cert was run by Mark Rippetoe from Crossfit Wicita Falls in Texas http://www.wfac-gym.com/ he is also an author of "Starting Strength" a great book on teaching barbell strength exercises.

The cert was great. Very long days (8am-6pm Sat, 8am-5pm Sun) with short breaks for lunch. So much information to absorb. We learnt 5 lifts in detail: Back Squat, Press, Bench Press, Deadlift and Power Clean. Then finished with programming and a great Q&A session. We did a lot of lifting during the cert as well as coaching other attendees. This is a great cert to attend and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of these lifts.

I got to meet another Kiwi who is married to an American over here. It turns out Hamish used to be in the NZ Army as well. So we had plenty to talk about as we tried to workout who we had both served with. It was also handy as now Donna knows that I am not the only one that talks funny, all those years in the military have to have some effect!

We headed for home via Medford to pick up the girls from Donna's parents who made the drive up from the cape. That was great as it saved us at least an hours drive in the rain. We finally made it home in time to feed the girls and post some pictures on the blog :-)


bears said...

more pictures please!!!

Matt said...

ok ok here you go!