Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet another rest day...............

Okay I am so ready to workout again now!

Just one more rest day, then it is on for the Northeast Qualifier in Albany this weekend.

To pass the time today, I made a start on assembling CrossFit Watertowns weight plate racks.

Then we helped the man from Mullen's to workout how much all our stuff weighs so they can give us a quote to ship a 20' container to NZ. Turns out a 20kg bumper weighs 44 pounds :-)

Donna did a hill run while the girls and I hung out with the pony's across the road.

Oh and highlight of the day, the latest edition of MaD CrossFit apparel arrived, check out the details here.


Anonymous said...

ooo... looking forward to showing off my MaD guns in MT.

good luck, Matt! D - text me updates, please!


bears said...

small tank and small hoodie please :) Yay MaD CrossFit!!!

Matt said...

Trish, it will have to be a medium tank or you will fall out of it. The small hoodie will have to wait, the printers sent us medium instead of small :-(

PaigeM812 said...

i want a tank, a gray one please :)