Sunday, May 24, 2009

Qualifiers - Day One

The calm before the storm

Day one at the qualifiers in Albany CrossFit is behind us.

Donna is exhausted after a hard day of judging. The judges and other volunteers were amazing, great effort guys, thanks so much for all your hard work!

Jason, Trish and Melissa also hit the judging hard with Trish rocking our new MaD CrossFit tank.

As for me the first workout was a 12 minute As Many Rounds As Possible 135 Thruster and Burpees. I managed 6 rounds and 4 Thrusters.

This is my last Thruster, thank god!

Second workout was a 2k row, which I finished in 7:02. James smoked it in 6:45 the 5th fastest time of the day.

The final workout tomorrow was announced after we were serenaded by Melissa Mulligan singing "Fran in the Kitchen"

The workout tomorrow is:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1 Reps of the following triplet for time:

Power Cleans (*155/105)
Pull-ups (Chest 2 Bar)
Kettlebell Swings (*1.5pood/1pood)
*men’s weight/women’s weight

Heat times are still to be announced on Albany CrossFit and CrossFit NEQ.


Anonymous said...

Good going Matthew. Have fun again tomorrow. Well done Donna, not easy to judge this I bet.
Val and Ralph

Darren said...

I'm probably too late, but good luck today Matt!!

Matt said...

Thanks guys, the workout was cruel and I missed completing todays wod by 1 pull up and 1 kettlebell swing but I left it all out there. Very happy with the day! Our friend James qualified in 1st place!