Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Piles of stuff.............

After a kind of rest day yesterday, which I spent at CrossFit Watertown making Olympic Weightlifting Platforms, today was delivery day at MaD CrossFit.

Bumpers baby :-)
We ordered our gym equipment for New Zealand from Jon at Again Faster. Most of it arrived today. Bumpers, bars, racks, kettlebells, med balls and rings :-)
Boxes of stuff :-)

Free stuff - 2 lifting mats from the Rubber Man
Then we hit a workout.
The workouts for Saturday at the Northeast Qualifier have been posted on Albany CrossFit and one is a 2000m row, so I gave that a crack and managed a 7:06 should have been sub 7 minutes but the rower moved back so far I needed Donna to drag it forward so I didn't end up impaled on some garden implements.
Then Donna and Jason did the MaD CrossFit Strength Bias Deadlifts 3 x 5 then 1 x 12-15.
Donna: 173-185-195# then 15 x 160#
Jason: 315-335# PR then 15 x 325#

Jason, that 400# lift is just around the corner.
After that we all hit the Met Con workout from CrossFit Football.
6 rounds for time
3 Overhead Anyway 185#
6 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
9 Clapping Push Ups
Jason: 9:50 135# Clean only, Kipping Pull Ups, Standard Push Ups
Donna: 12:08 77#, Blue band pull ups, Standard Push Ups
Matt: 9:23 135# the rest as Rx.
This was truly horrid...........

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