Thursday, April 22, 2010

Less than 25km to go..............

Rowing today 25 minutes 6583m :-)

Snatch 1 x 5 (Going for 1 RM – so think before you load the bar)
Snatch 50-55 Pwr Sn-55-60PS-60-65kg

Then Deadlift 1 x 15 - 100kg

and finish with Total Calories Rowed during each work interval
3:00 Work (Calorie Total) 1:30 Rest Interval
2:00 Work (Calorie Total) 1:30 Rest Interval
1:30 Work (Calorie Total)

Row: 155 cal/ 1966m
No pics sorry :-(


Justin CFES said...

I see you guys got around to making stones. Awesome. I suggest that when they are totally dry use some sort of concrete sealant on them. Ours broke when the weather was cold and rainy. We could see that the stones had soaked up moisture. I am sure you did a better job making yours than I did, but it wouldnt hurt to seal them.

I want to make some more, but it really is a pain in the butt.

Justin CFES said...

Ha. You guys approve comments. See CF One World's blog a few days ago. Pretty funny.

Matt said...

Thanks Justin, will take that advice once they are fully cured. Mine look a little pockmarked. I think a lot more vibration required next time.
Yes we too have trolls, especially the spam variety in wordpress