Sunday, April 18, 2010

A busy weekend, but all good stuff!

Yesterday was Hopper Deck day at MaD CrossFit, we ended up with the 6 of Diamonds
50 Wallballs
40 Double Unders (or 160 SU’s)
30 KBS
20 Walking Lunge
10 Box Jump

This one was the 3rd choice, Joshie, and 150 KBS went the way of a 10 Burpee penalty.

Great wod
160 SU’s -1.5pood KBS-24″ BJ
We also hit some max effort box jumps- didn't quite make this one at 115cm

Then today we headed out to Makara to check out the trails.

After that it was time for a quick 5k row and to clean the gym, before I finally got around to making a couple of Atlas Stones.

In a weeks time we will know how these ones worked out :-)

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