Sunday, October 12, 2008

Max Lift Day - Took 2 hours but well worth it!

My Catalyst workout was a max lift day. We were in the gym ( for quite a while but I got personal records on all 3 lifts :-) I also added 100# to my overall total.

Snatch - Max 145# (20# PR)
Clean & jerk - max 200# (25# PR)
Front squat - max 300# (55# PR)

Donna continued with her strength program. Her work sets (3sets of 5 reps) were:

Squat: 135#, Bench Press: 95#, Deadlift: 175# x 1 set and 165# x 2 sets

James and Brandon worked out too. With James hitting some PR's as well. Brandon showed some class with some great Deadlifts after rowing for 30 minutes, oh to be young and strong!

Checkout James setting a new 190# Snatch PR.

The girls were there as well, but Ginger got a little chilly.

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