Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We really don't like Karen...........

Today's workout from MaD CrossFit was Snatch 3 x 3 and "Karen" - 150 Wallball shots for time.
Both of us worked on technique, I spent a lot of time snatching from the hang position and working up snatch balances. I am trying to get better at getting under the bar!

60kg Snatch Balance

Then it was time for "Karen" we had forgotten how much this sucked.

A nice post Karen sweat angel!

Snatch 3 x 3
Matt: 40-50-60kg
Donna: 20-25-25kg
Matt: 11:17 20#ball/10' target
Donna: 10:58 14#/8' target

In other news we are getting a different space to expand into, much wider and better finished. Pics to follow tomorrow :-)

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