Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nice day for a free class at MaD CrossFit

A quick catch up from the last couple of days. Over Head Squat 5x4 40,50,60,60kg then 3 RFT 10 Power Cleans 60kg and 15 Pull Ups 5:47. Yuk, turns out I misread the wod, should have been push ups not pull ups, now that makes more sense!

Then today we ran a Back squat Skills session at 10am and our first Free Intro Class at 11am. Look at MaD CrossFit for the details, but we were very happy with the turn out.

Can't beat Wellington on a good day!

Then Donna and I hit the MaD WOD for today:

Run 800m
21 Shoulder Press 60kg/135#
Run 800m
21 Push press 60kg/135#
Run 800m
21 Push Jerk 60kg/135#
Matt: 16:50 as Rx
Donna: 18:07 22.6kg/55#
We got the girls out for a walk by the river and are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. We will probably end up at the gym working on the new big space.
Donna got her work permit this week and managed to fit in two massages today. So things are looking good on that front as well.

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