Thursday, October 29, 2009

The bar is done!

More work at the gym today. The pull up bar is finished, I have to say I am pretty happy with the MasterKlamp system from Fletcher Steel. We now have 8 metres of bar, more than enough to start with. We also got the wallball targets up. We intend to put a stencil of the snatching kiwi in the middle of each.

Working on the bar and the finished product!

Looking pretty good now

Now time to work on the extra space. Not sure of the exact layout, we are still working through a few options.

Great that we can drive in, one possible layout

We are picking up some good stuff on TradeMe the NZ version of E-Bay. Kiwi has been helping :-)
Kiwi checks her watch list


Anonymous said...

looks awesome team! and how i am supposed to know how long 8 metres is?


Ruth said...

The space looks awesome! I like the idea of stencil kiwi on the targets- its gonna look so cool everyone will go to see it! to hell with working out!

Darren said...

Jealous of your platforms.....

Looks great, we'll be down for a workout soon.

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

gunzelle, a meter is about a yard, that is how I think of it. Darren, are you willing to leave Auckland? You are welcome to come to MaD anytime, we even have room for you to crash.

Anonymous said...

i know, but i love the -re spelling, too! crazy talk in nzed.

btw - do yall have a GARE-age, and MASS-age table at the new box? ;)


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Gunzelle, the house has a Gar-edge and we do have a may-sage room at the box. Matt doesn't even try anymore, now he is all kiwi, all the time! You should try it, this weekend just say 'beast' instead of 'best' and see how fun it is!

CrossFit Christchurch - Pete said...

LOving the pull up bars!!! Can't to do a WOD at your place! :-)

Anonymous said...

Crossfit Kiwiland. Nice spot.