Friday, October 2, 2009

A visit to CF Auckland...........

Darren (CFNZ) and Alex (CF Auckland) getting set to go

This morning we rode with Darren and Taz from CFNZ to meet Alex and Lisa at CrossFit Auckland. This is where the Oly Cert will be held in Nov. While there we hit a lightened version of the Hero workout "DT", 5 rounds for time of:
15 DeadLifts
12 hang Power Cleans
9 Front Squats
6 Push Jerks
Rx weight is 155/115# or 70/52kg.

Darren went heaviest with 132#/60kg, Alex and I used 110#/50kg, Taz 103.4#/47kg and Donna 44#/20kg.

Deadlift and Hang Power Cleans

Hang Power Cleans and Front Squats
Donna: 14:17
Matt: 17:02

Great workout, thanks to Alex for hosting us and having some good angry music to workout to.

After recovering as best we could we headed out to lunch at a cafe on the waterfront. Nice to be by the ocean again. Tomorrow we have the run clinic, so we are praying this good weather continues.


Anonymous said...

Man I'm glad to see you scaled to 50 kg. I do plenty of high-rep stuff with 70 kg but that workout would have been a recipe for injury, at least for me. Hope NZ is treating you well -- philip.

Matt said...

Hi Philip, yep the scaling was a good move, that wod as Rx is a grip destroyer. NZ is good, just hoping spring will be short and summer long :-)