Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free in a week..............

Ginger and Kiwi's last weekend in jail!

Wow big fleas in NZ!
Looks like the girls will be out this time next week :-)
We met our new landlord for the house today and we hope to sign the lease on the warehouse on Monday, so things are moving along.
All things going well we will be all set up in the house before the girls get released and then will spend a week working on the new box before I have to go back to the "Green Machine" at the beginning of November.
The closest NZ equivalent of Almond meal we have found


Tom said...

Hi - I'm not a crossfitter but am slowly working some of the principles and exercises into my routines. Live in PNth and chanced upon your site one day while surfing. Best of luck with your new setup.

You may find almond meal in a bulk bin shop. I've also bought it from a supermarket with the loose nuts and 'pick your own' section. It's around $30 a kilo.

Gareth said...

All the best guys. Yea as like the previous comment, I buy my almond meal (ground almonds) from the bulk stores discount store. There should be plenty down in Wellywood.

Anonymous said...

"$30 a kilo"!!! Paleo is expensive down in NZ.


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Thanks guys, I'll check it out. the mix was pretty good and only $8/500g.

JH-most things are grass fed and the eggs are delicious w/o added cost. get here already!